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More than HALF of Solar Systems in Australia are Underperforming. Here's Why


Is your solar system REALLY working for you 🤔? A staggering statistic shows that 51.9% of solar systems in Australia are actually underperforming without anyone’s knowledge. That means if you have a system that under performs by 20% in the next 25 years (the intended lifespan of a solar system), this can significantly undermine your financial returns. There is a solution around this, and it’s by incorporating real-time monitoring. This allows you to determine exactly how much energy you are generating, using and even exporting back to the grid. This is an easy and efficient way to determine what changes you need to make to yield a higher financial return with your system. For more tips, download our eBook: “The 6-Step Surefire Plan to the Best Solar System for You” ~

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