What to look out for with a Solar Provider…

There are experienced professionals who understand solar, and there are those who go above and beyond. Choose the right professionals for the job! Solar providers are held accountable to the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct, which insists on a commitment to responsible sales and marketing and excellent practice in the solar power industry. When you […]

Upgrades are What We Do Best!

Need an electrical upgrade or a simple safety check for faulty currents? We are not just into solar panel system installations; we also do other electrical services, too! We are proud to be an end-to-end business providing absolutely everything you might need for your residential, commercial, or industrial electrical needs. To learn more about our […]

Who Can you Turn To?

When issues arise with your solar system, do you know who to turn to? Ideally, it should be the installers who you worked with, in the first place. Know who’s got your back! Know that some companies were set up only to cash in on the wave of solar uptake in Australia brought about by […]

Work with a Reputable Provider

Tired of the system problems within the energy retailing industry? While solar is easier to come by nowadays, it’s harder to trust your investment with a reputable provider. Upgrade your home or business with a quality solar panel design, and avoid any more of those annoying system problems. With us, your power is at its […]

What Do you Know about your Installer?

How much do you know about your solar installer? While you can get some information about who they are online, it’s still important to research thoroughly when choosing your solar panel installer. How long have they been in business? Why do they work in the solar panel industry? What after-sales support do they provide? Like […]

Reduce your Energy Bills Through Solar

Who doesn’t want reduced energy bills? Whether you’re a home or business, a lower energy bill is always a great thing to look at and to see. With the right solar panel system installed in your home or business, see your energy bills dropping in the long run. For more information about the benefits of […]

Are the Products Reputable in the Market?

Is the product that you’re investing in, reputable in the market? It’s one thing to hire a trusted solar installer, but it’s another to choose the right products and components. Choose a manufacturer that has been tried and tested. To protect your investment, you must choose long-time manufacturers and sellers in the solar industry, who […]

Looking for a Solar Quote? We’ve got you Covered

Need an electrical or solar quote? Sometimes, it’s worthwhile to know just how much you should invest in a system like this. Just book your request, and we will come to your premises to conduct a free comprehensive Energy Audit. We’ll assess your energy usage and provide a detailed report. To learn more, drop us […]

Placement Isn’t the Only thing that Matters

It’s not just about the placement of the panels… One of the biggest mistakes you can make when making the switch is investing ALL your money into the panels only. A properly functioning system is comprised of different parts and components. Cost-cutting on one component can ultimately result in a poorly functioning system. You don’t […]

What we do Best

Our team at work installing quality solar for our client. We work closely with SolarEdge, the world’s leading manufacturers of solar technology and industry leaders in research and advancement to give you the best solar system. To learn more about our process, book a 20-minute no obligation consultation by filling out our online form ~ https://go.rt-d.com/cpeg-consult.