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Don’t get Sucked into this Scenario

It may be tempting to choose a solar system based on price, but before you settle on a sub-par solar system, think about this ⬇️… In many cases, sub-par products often lead to performance failure… With this kind of reputation, it can be common for the manufacturer to go under, leaving you in the dark with your service or claim… If they are still operational, they may not have an Australian presence for you to work with, making your attempts at making a warranty claim severely complex. In the rare event that your warranty claim is successful in these cases, be prepared to still have to pay for the installation of the new components when they arrive. You can avoid this headache completely by doing ample research, ensuring that the products you invest in have a good reputation and a local presence. For more tips , download our eBook: “The 6-Step Surefire Plan to the Best Solar System for You” ~

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