Free Home Energy Use Audit

Energy expenditure is a hot topic on everyone’s lips and will continue to be well into the future. As Australia’s retail energy providers face off with aging infrastructure, extreme weather conditions, and rising wholesale and retail costs associated with bringing the product to market, these dollar signs pour down from the top and are distributed to consumers’ electricity bills where you pick up the cost.

From appliances to entertainment, many home and business owners are often entirely unaware as to how much energy their technology is using and this is exacerbated as products age. For example, a dated plasma television can use upwards of 700W as opposed to a new model LCD only using in the vicinity of 79W. You may be wasting upward of $500 a year running an old freezer, fridge, washing machine or air conditioner.

When we provide you with an electrical or solar quote, we will also include a free energy audit:

● Take a complete inventory of your electrical appliances
● Analyse the use of each component and at which times of day
● Provide you with a detailed report of energy consumption
● Provide you with a detailed action plan
● Provide advice and assistance to execute your action plan

And you could be saving hundreds per year.

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