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23 Dec, 2020

Are the Products Reputable in the Market?

Is the product that you’re investing in, reputable in the market? It’s one thing to hire a trusted solar installer, but it’s another to choose the right products and components. C ...

13 Dec, 2020

Looking for a Solar Quote? We've got you Covered

Need an electrical or solar quote? Sometimes, it’s worthwhile to know just how much you should invest in a system like this. Just book your request, and we will come to your premises to cond ...

9 Dec, 2020

Placement Isn't the Only thing that Matters

It’s not just about the placement of the panels… One of the biggest mistakes you can make when making the switch is investing ALL your money into the panels only. A properly functionin ...

29 Nov, 2020

What we do Best

Our team at work installing quality solar for our client. We work closely with SolarEdge, the world’s leading manufacturers of solar technology and industry leaders in research and advancement to ...

22 Nov, 2020

Why it Pays to have Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind that when you make an investment in solar with us, you’ll have something that will last you a lifetime. We make sure to send you the best professionals who are understand th ...

15 Nov, 2020

Meet the Team!

Meet the team responsible for your solar installation! Our team is made up of trained professionals ready to give you the best experience both in planning and installing your solar system on your pro ...

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