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Not All Products are Made the Same, Here’s Why

Think that all solar products are made the same, think again ????! It’s common for most solar components to be manufactured overseas. In some cases, many exist outside Australian regulatory standards, and continue to survive due to the demand for cheap solar products. While it may mean that solar is more accessible to consumers, this has severely damaged the industry, leaving many homeowners with faulty and unsafe solar systems. Attempts to make warranty claims may be futile as many of these manufacturers fail to survive in the end. What’s the lesson to be learned here? When choosing your solar products, don’t just go off on price! Do your research and ensure that the product manufacturer is not only reputable in the industry, but has an Australian presence in the event you do make a claim. For more tips, download our eBook: “The 6-Step Surefire Plan to the Best Solar System for You” ~

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