Solar Systems for Homes, Business & Industry

The key message that is so often missing from the solar industry is that your solar system is an investment. Much like you take great care to look at the return on investment when purchasing your home or business, so must the same long-term strategic thinking be applied with a solar installation.

When done right, you will:

• Reduce your energy bills for the long-term
• Increase your standard of living
• Increase your property value
• Reduce emissions into the atmosphere
• Protect your family from systemic problems within the energy retail business
• Have the power to sell energy back to the grid

Advances in the solar industry continue to flourish and we are proud to work closely with SolarEdge, the world’s leading manufacturers of solar technology and industry leaders in research and advancement. As global innovators they provide extensive training on cutting edge technology, along with industry resources for solar companies to support their customers, which we are passionate about passing on to you.

Our promise is to create the best performing, long-lasting solar system for your home or businesses that fits within your budget, with true long-term returns after taking all factors into account. It is very tempting to buy solar based on up front price, however, the evidence is crystal clear and industry-wide that the long-term cost of a cheap or poorly thought out system far exceeds the savings gained at the front end.

We will provide you with a comparative analysis of the solar systems you are considering that analyses how each system will perform over 25 years to reveal the true nature of your long-term investment so you are fully informed before making your solar decision.

Low interest rate finance is available, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss solar and any questions you may have.

The 7-Step Surefire Plan to the Best Solar System for You - Don’t Risk a System that’s Going to Let you Down.

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The Benefits

• Low failure rates on components
• Extended warranties
• No out of pockets for warranty repairs
• Long-term financial rewards
• Low interest rate finance available (solar customers)
• Solar system comparative analysis to compare performance (solar customers)

Our Process

Whether you have an electrical or solar need, or maybe it’s both, simply get in touch to arrange an obligation free quote and your free energy audit where we will:

• Take a complete inventory of your electrical appliances
• Analyse the use of each component and at which times of day
• Provide you with a detailed report
• Provide you with a detailed action plan
• Provide advice and assistance to execute you action plan