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10 Questions You Must Ask An Electrician When Getting a Quote

January 29, 2024
10 Questions You Must Ask An Electrician When Getting a Quote

Have you noticed that other electrical companies typically just provide you with a price or a "quote"? It's as if price is the only factor that matters when organising a job.

However, is the price the only thing worth considering when planning your next project? If all jobs and trade companies were the same, perhaps that would be true. 

In this article, we will discuss why asking for a detailed “quote” is important and the ten questions you must ask the Adelaide electrical company before proceeding with their service.

What is a Quote?

A quote is a transparent and estimated cost of the particular service or product that an electrical company provides to clients, all without requiring any initial payment or commitment. This practice allows you to gain insights into your potential expenses and helps them to make informed decision-making.

Why is Getting a Quote Important?

When you're seeking a quote for your project, it's not just about the numbers — it's about considering the whole process. Sure, the price is crucial, but let's talk about what really makes a difference. Think about the quality of materials; after all, you want something that not only looks good but will stand the test of time.

Then there's project management — how organised and efficient is the electrical company? Experience matters, too. You want a team of electricians who know the ins and outs of your type of project. And don't forget to check their reputation; what are people saying about their work?

When it comes to planning, how much is required, and can they help with things like council approvals? Remember that the little details matter, such as the organisation, plans, and choosing the right materials for the job. 

Always keep in mind that getting a quote is just the beginning. By asking for a detailed quote, you will understand the layers beneath the surface, so you're not just getting a project done; you're getting it done right!

10 Questions You Must Ask Your Local Electrician

10 Questions You Must Ask Your Local Electrician

Choosing the right electrical company in Adelaide involves more than just asking, "What's the cost?" So take a moment to reflect on what you truly want from your electrician by asking the questions below!

  1. Will your electrician promise that every aspect of their work will represent quality workmanship and offer to fix any problems within 48 hours at no charge?
  2. Do you have an emergency service?
  3. Do you inspect all your projects to ensure they are safe, legal and conform to (country/state) regulations?
  4. Will you offer a 7-point extensive guarantee?
  5. Do you have a comprehensive health and safety policy?
  6. Do you provide regular communication, keeping your clients updated with how your project is progressing, or do you communicate in advance about when your job will be completed?
  7. Does your electrical company belong to the Industry Association (e.g. NECA)?
  8. Will you give a firm start/completion time and be honest about your progress?
  9. Do you have references from satisfied past clients?
  10. Does your point-man have over more than 10 years of experience in the Electrical industry, ensuring your clients get the best advice available?

Why Choose Clean Power?

Naturally, we wouldn't be highlighting this if Clean Power Electrical Group didn't meet and exceed all the criteria you should be considering (and then some). We've got everything you're looking for, and we're here to prove it, so you can see how we have all the bases covered:

  • Our price and specifications for the job.
  • Our unbeatable 7-point ‘no hidden surprises’ guarantee, which is over and above the industry association guarantee (e.g. NECA).
  • Testimonials from our satisfied clients. 

If you're convinced that Clean Power Electrical Group is the right electrical company for your project, take the next step! Get a FREE quote to discuss your project in greater detail or give us a call today at 08 8398 1458.

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