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Solar Battery Solutions

We offer a selection of top-quality battery storage solutions designed to maximise your solar energy usage. With our battery storage systems, you can store excess solar power produced during the day for use in the evening or during a power outage, ensuring you have reliable, clean energy whenever you need it.

Our Services

Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance

Our team of certified professionals brings expertise and precision to every installation. We'll assess your specific energy needs, select the right battery storage solution, and install it efficiently and safely in your home or business. Our goal is to set up a system that maximises your solar power usage and provides reliable, clean energy whenever you need it.

Battery Storage Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance
Alpha ESS SMILE 5 Battery
Energiser Homepower
SolarEdge Home Battery
Sungrow Battery
Alpha ESS SMILE 5 Battery

Alpha ESS SMILE 5 Battery

Experience the future of home energy storage with the Alpha ESS SMILE 5 Battery. This advanced system is not just a battery — it's a comprehensive solution that offers unprecedented flexibility, efficiency, and convenience. With its versatile connection options and compatibility with multiple battery options, the Alpha ESS SMILE 5 Battery can be tailored to meet your specific energy needs.
Versatile connection options: DC-coupling, AC-coupling, and hybrid-coupling
Works with multiple battery options from 2.9kWh to 13.3kWh
Fast response and UPS ability for uninterrupted power supply
Modular design allows for expansion of storage capacity
Energiser Homepower

Energiser Homepower

Unleash the full potential of solar energy with Energiser Homepower. This robust battery backup system boasts a large capacity that's expandable with additional units. With its sleek and compact design, it can easily fit into any home, providing efficient and reliable power without compromising on aesthetics.
Large capacity of 6.1kWh, expandable with additional units
Advanced energy management for optimal power distribution
Sleek and compact design perfect for any home
High level of efficiency for more energy savings
SolarEdge Home Battery

SolarEdge Home Battery

Step into a world of energy independence with the SolarEdge Home Battery. Engineered to maximize solar self-consumption, this battery system turns your home into a private power station. It ensures maximum usage of every bit of stored energy. By enabling more solar energy production and utilization, the SolarEdge Home Battery empowers you to make the most of the sun's power, day or night.
Up to 94.5% round-trip efficiency for maximum energy usage
Seamless integration with SolarEdge's single-phase inverters
High system efficiency and reliability
Enables more solar energy production and utilization
Sungrow Battery

Sungrow Battery

Stackable storage: Minimum of 3 battery modules to a max of 8 battery modules in each unit stack – offering 9.6kW/hr up to 25.6kW/hr; then wire together, in parallel a maximum of 4 unit stacks to offer up to 100kW/hr of storage.

100% usable energy
30 A continuous charging and
discharging current

Lithium iron phosphate battery
Multi-stages protection design plus
authorized certification

Extendable during lifetime
Support 3–8 modules per unit, max. 4 units in
parallel, 9–100 kWh capacity range

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a battery storage system?

A battery storage system stores excess solar energy produced during the day for use later, such as through the night or during a power outage. Note that not all batteries work during a blackout. Speak to us about the options for back up power

How much does a battery storage system cost?

The cost of a battery storage system can vary depending on several factors, including its size, your location, and your energy needs. Contact us for a personalised quote. Systems start at $6,000.

Will a battery storage system provide power during a blackout?

Yes, a battery storage system can provide power during a blackout, ensuring you have a reliable source of electricity even when the grid is down. Note that not all battery systems have backup power capabilities. All batteries have different backup capacities. Make sure you ask the question. But at CPEG we have you covered and will help you make the right decision for your circumstances

How long does a battery storage system last?

The lifespan of a battery storage system can vary depending on the model and how it's used, but many systems can last for 10 years or more with proper maintenance.

Can I add a battery storage system to my existing solar panels?

Yes, most battery storage systems can be added to existing solar panel systems. However, some specific requirements might need to be met, depending on the system. Contact us to discuss your options.


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