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Home Automation with CPEG's Innovative Solutions


Harness the Power of Home Automation with CPEG's Innovative Solutions

CPEG (Clean Power Electrical Group) brings the future to your doorstep with advanced home automation solutions. Our multi-purpose home controllers redefine comfort, safety, and energy efficiency by centralising control over various household functions. 

With nearly three decades of experience, we are thrilled to lead the way in bringing this groundbreaking technology to your home.
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Key Features

Zimi Powermesh and Senoa Technology

The Zimi Powermesh and Senoa technology creates a seamless network among your switches and power points, enabling them to communicate and coordinate with each other.
Set schedules for your lights, fans, and kitchen appliances all through a user-friendly interface.
Benefit from automated on/off timers and real-time energy monitoring to manage your utility costs better.
Control and monitor your home through a smartphone app, voice commands (compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant), a wall-mounted unit, or any existing light switch or power point in your home.

Customisable Automation

Tailor your automation program to include control over lighting, refrigerators, and even your garage door.
The system allows for voice, smartphone, or manual control, offering a solution for every preference. All of which can be done while at home or while you are away.

Enhanced Safety & Convenience

If you have security cameras and you see someone you can start turning lights on in the house.
Set up automatic schedules for your lighting and appliances to ensure a welcoming ambiance anytime you step into your home.
Set up automatic schedules for your electric blinds for inside or outside your house or your outside entertaining area.

Easy Installation & Adaptability

Our solutions require no additional wiring and can be retrofitted wherever you have a light switch, power point, blind controller or fan controller making the installation process a breeze.
The system operates through your household electrical setup, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

What Can This Achieve

  1. Replace Analog Timers: Upgrade from outdated timers to our smart scheduling features.
  2. Utilise Time Delay Switches: Ideal for pumps or specific needs, set a light to turn off automatically after a designated time.
  3. Lockable Power Points: Regain control over power usage—perfect for managing your teenager’s screen time.
  4. Two-way Switching without Extra Cables: Simplify your lighting control with our efficient two-way switching solutions. Eg. turn your shed lights on from inside the house, how many trips will it save you back to your shed?
  5. Freezer Monitoring: Avoid unpleasant surprises with our system’s ability to monitor and alert you if your freezer fails, ensuring the safety of your stored food.
Embrace the ease and efficiency of home automation with CPEG. Our seasoned electricians are ready to tailor a system to your home’s unique needs. Reach out to us for more information and receive a free quote on your project today.
NDIS Approved for aged care and disability

Seno accessibility Range

NDIS Approved for aged care and disability

Note: The below are the features of the Senoa accessibility range

NDIS Compliant Touch Pad Size (>35mm wide)

Beneficial for clients with dexterity issues as it provides a larger and easier-to-operate touch surface.

Glass Touch Surface

Offers a smooth and durable surface that is easy to clean and maintain, important for hygiene in care environments

Colour Tuneable Touch Pads (RGBW)

Allows clients to adjust lighting to their preference, which is particularly helpful for those with sensory sensitivities or visual impairments.

Fits Standard Australian Wall Boxes and Mounting Accessories Using 84mm Mounting Centres

Ensures compatibility with existing infrastructure, reducing installation hassles and costs.

Proximity Sense Touch Pad Illumination

Enables touch pad illumination when a user approaches, enhancing ease of use and reducing the need for physical contact.

Night Light On/Off and Auto Dim

Provides subtle lighting at night, which can prevent falls and disturbances for clients with mobility or vision issues

Automatic Schedules

Allows clients to automate lighting and energy management, reducing the burden of manual control

Auto Off Timers

Promotes energy conservation and safety by automatically turning off lights and devices, preventing accidents or wastage.

Real-Time Energy Usage in Watts & Dollars

Empowers clients to monitor and manage their energy consumption, potentially saving on utility costs.

Individual Socket Control

Gives clients greater control over connected devices, accommodating individual needs and preferences.

High Energy Use Alert

Helps clients identify and address energy spikes or anomalies, promoting safety and efficiency

Voice Control

Especially useful for clients with limited mobility, voice control allows for easy and hands-free operation of lighting and devices
Home Automation 2

commercial automation

Commercial Electrical Applications

For businesses looking to embrace modern electrical solutions, CPEG offers a range of commercial applications designed to enhance operational efficiency and safety. Our commercial offerings extend the convenience and automation of the Zimi Powermesh technology to a larger scale, suitable for various business environments. 

Time-Efficient Automation

Streamline operations with automated control over lighting reducing the need for manual intervention and promoting energy efficiency.

Lockable Power Points

Maintain control over energy consumption by locking power points to prevent unauthorised use, a feature particularly useful in managing shared spaces or reducing overnight energy costs.

Two-way Switching without Extra Cabling

Simplify lighting control in larger spaces with efficient two-way switching solutions, eliminating the need for additional wiring and facilitating ease of installation. You could control the lights to the shed from inside the house

Customised Scheduling and Timers

Replace outdated analogue timers with smart scheduling features. Utilise time delay switches for specific needs, ensuring that lights and other equipment are only active when needed, reducing energy waste.

Freezer and Equipment Monitoring

Ensure the safety and functionality of critical business assets or holiday homes with monitoring solutions. Receive alerts if a freezer fails or other equipment experiences issues, minimising downtime and potential losses.

Discover More with Our Information Pack

Eager to learn more about how CPEG’s innovative electrical solutions can transform your living or working environment? Download our comprehensive Information Pack today! Inside, you’ll find detailed insights into our home and commercial automation services, the revolutionary Zimi Powermesh and Senoa technology, and how our tailored solutions can significantly enhance your comfort, security, and energy efficiency.
In-depth exploration of our services and features.
Real-life case studies showcasing the impact of our solutions.
Easy steps to get started with CPEG on your automation journey.
Don’t miss out on unlocking a world of modern electrical convenience and innovation. Click the button below to download the Information Pack and take the first step towards a smarter, safer, and more efficient space!
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Experience the Transformation with an In-Home Demonstration

Ready to step into a new era of home convenience and efficiency? Let CPEG bring the future to your doorstep with a personalised in-home demonstration. Our experts will showcase the capabilities of our home automation solutions right in the comfort of your living space, providing a tangible insight into the transformative potential of our technologies.

During the demonstration, you’ll witness:

How seamlessly our Zimi Powermesh technology integrates with your existing appliances.
The ease of controlling multiple home functions from a centralised point or your smartphone.
Real-time energy monitoring and how it can significantly reduce your utility costs.
Following the demonstration, we’ll provide a no-obligation quote tailored to your home's unique automation needs. There’s no better way to understand the value and convenience CPEG offers than by experiencing it firsthand in your own home.

Don’t just imagine the comfort and convenience of a smart home—experience it! Click the button below to schedule your in-home demonstration and receive a personalised quote.
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