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SARDI (SA Research and Development Institute)

The SA Research and Development Institute (SARDI) were in need of a facility enhancement, along with all necessary equipment required to complete an upgrade. It was determined that there had been a significant increase in power consumption and pressure to the existing site transformer, pushing it beyond capacity.

Clean Power Electrical Group were engaged by the head contractor to design and modify the main switch board so that it had the capacity to have 2 x 500 KVA generators connected to the nonessential side, ensuring that the SARDI site-maintained power for a period of 48 hours. This gave adequate time to SA Power Networks with the changeover of the transformer.

It was crucial that we didn’t exceed a 30-minute window without power, to avoid the loss of millions of dollars in research fisheries stock.

Clean Power Electrical Group engineered a solution to modify the board and install the 16 temporary feed cables from the generators to complete the changeover with no loss of stock, all within a strict timeframe and in a safe and compliant manner.

Additionally, Clean Power Electrical installed various instrumentation and new supplies.

Clean Power Electrical Group had been selected as the preferred contractor based on its in-depth knowledge of advanced industrial instrumentation.
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