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Waterloo Station Hotel 

Waterloo Station Hotel involved construction of a new gaming room and an outdoor beer garden bar. A temporary gaming facility was created within an existing dining room to enable CPEG technicians to completely refurbish the original space, complete with a brand-new lighting system incorporating special feature lighting. The gaming room component was a 6-week renovation project later compressed by client necessity to 11 days. It was achieved on time and on budget, demonstrating our ability to respond to client needs and our commitment to accommodating changes as required.

Waterloo Station Hotel will also be entered in the “Excellence Awards - Commercial Under 2 million Category,.” as part of the annual National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) awards.

This project is a respected one. It threw us challenges specifically in the cable pathways that can only be appreciated by seeing them. We are proud of our team and their superb work. The project was concluded successfully and, overall, we are delighted that we were able to keep the space aesthetically pleasing.

The gaming room was a success because our office and site teams worked swiftly to mobilise and break the back of the project. Then we were confronted with an unexpected tightening in the project’s timeframe and schedule. We moved efficiently by working into the early hours of the morning which later benefited the project schedule. The gaming room was then shut down for the remainder of the accelerated works.

 As our first pub upgrade project inclusive of gaming machines, it was one to celebrate. We are intimately familiar with its intricate systems, and, as a result, it has since opened doors for us to new opportunities with owners of other pubs located in SA looking to renovate and upgrade. We have been highly recommended, and we are now in detailed discussions with prospective clients.
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