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Winter Energy Efficiency Tips for Businesses

June 23, 2023
Winter Energy Efficiency Tips for Businesses

Business owners are familiar with the annual increase in energy use that accompanies Winter. With rising energy costs and a heightened focus on reducing carbon footprints, it is important that businesses keep their power bills in check. There are several ways to increase your company’s energy efficiency that can help reduce costs and promote sustainability. Read on to learn the top 5 Winter energy efficiency tips for your business.

Top 5 Winter energy efficiency tips 

1. Keep the thermostat in check

A basic step in saving energy, thereby reducing power bills, is to lower the thermostat temperature. Dropping it by just one degree can save more than 5% of heating costs. Reducing the temperature when the workplace is empty can decrease usage even more. To make it easier, install, an automatically adjusting thermostat to maximise energy efficiency.

2. Seal windows and doors

Ensuring windows and doors are properly sealed can make a big difference to energy usage. Draughty doors and windows lead to heat loss and result in heating systems working harder to maintain desired temperatures. Check for gaps in windows or doors and fill them with weather stripping or caulking to keep heat indoors.

3. Upgrade to energy-efficient lighting

LED lighting is an energy-efficient way to provide adequate light in the workplace while reducing electricity consumption. LED bulbs use between 75-90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last up to 10 times longer. While often more expensive initially, the long-term savings make them a worthy investment. Following are tips on upgrading to energy-efficient lighting:

  • Begin with an energy audit: Determine where and how much energy you are using to pinpoint which lighting fixture types and wattages are most suitable. It will also help you understand potential savings you can achieve by upgrading to more efficient lighting options.
  • Use daylight: Take advantage of natural light sources by strategically positioning lighting fixtures to make the most of available sunlight. It helps reduce reliance on artificial lighting, further lowering energy use and costs.
  • Use a lighting control system: Installing an automated lighting control system can maximise energy efficiency by ensuring only necessary lights are on when and where they’re needed.

4. Insulate the building

Insulated walls, flooring and roof spaces are a highly effective way of reducing heating costs and maintaining a comfortable temperature in the workplace without excessive reliance on heating systems. It also helps regulate indoor temperatures, reducing the need for large air conditioning systems. install insulation in your building's walls and ceiling. It is one of the best methods for cutting energy expenses because it prevents intrusion of outside air while preserving interior temperatures.

  • Install insulated windows. They keep heat inside during cold weather and out on warm days. Make sure door frames have been thoroughly sealed with caulk to prevent air leakage.
  • Use awnings and shades to block the sun during Summer. It reduces cooling costs. They also keep drafts away from windows in Winter, helping to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.
  • Install weather strips around doors and windows to block cold and hot air from entering.

5. Switch off electronics when not in use

Computers, printers and other electronic equipment left on standby mode consume unnecessary electricity. Switch off all electronics when not in use, including non-essential lighting and charging stations. Upgrade to smart power points and automate your building. Not only can you view your consumption, but switching it on or off can be automated.


Implementing energy-saving measures in the workplace is good business sense. It’s also a responsible choice in minimising our carbon footprint. Simple steps such as adjusting the thermostat, sealing windows and doors, and turning off electronics when not in use, can save businesses a great deal of money while promoting sustainability. Don’t allow t the cold weather to increase your energy bills – take action to improve energy efficiency and keep your business running efficiently through Winter. Contact your electrician today to help with your electrical needs.

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